GAP Analysis

Gap analysis is a formal study of what a business is doing currently and where it wants to go in the future.

For example, the need for new software or additions to existing software may have emerged from financial issues or technological issues.

At some point, a gap will have emerged between what the existing product(s) offer and what the new software offers, or what the customer demands. That gap has to be identified and filled if the organization is to maintain current practices and grow.

To identify these gaps, the technique of gap analysis can be used. It can be used as a means for classification of how well a product or solution meets a targeted need or set of requirements. In this case, ‘GAP’ can be used as a ranking of ‘Good’, ‘Average’ or ‘Poor’.

Our consultants each know their clinical module(s) in depth, and are able to investigate existing software capabilities and identify if any gaps exist between the existing and new software.