Preimplementation Planning

As the practice of health care becomes increasingly more complex, incorporation of computer systems into practice presents the opportunity to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of health care . Despite their widely recognized benefits, actual implementation of such systems can be slow and cumbersome.

Preimplementation Planning activities include:

  • internal planning meetings
  • vendor and system selection
  • workflow analysis of staff at the site(s) to determine existing functionality, as well location of computers and printers
  • gathering data to build the new system
  • During this time, all areas in the organization that will be affected by the implementation should be identified. As processes are standardized across the organization, this is a good time to take the best system features and improve current processes using the new functionality.

    When you implement a system, it is an opportunity to change workflow and improve productivity.

    The first steps in planning and preimplementation are critical to ensure that the system fulfills its potential.

    Our consultants have the experience to “kick-start” your implementation and help you to hit your live target date!